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Anaesthesia machine is one of the most important equipment that is requried during a surgery and hence it become important to buy it from reliable dealers and manufacturers. We GME MEDICAL INCORPORATION NOIDA (NCR DELHI) INDIA , are the best answer for your requirement.

Ours anaesthesia machine is designed in such a manner that it provides a constant supply of gases like nitrous oxide and oxygen along with the right concentrations of anaesthetic vapour like isoflurane. It also helps in maintaining the right blood pressure while surgery. Until and unless everything is not under normal range, surgery cannot be carried out. Hence the importance of this kind of machine is well understood by us.

With advancements in medical science and technology, all kinds of medical equipment and appliances are also innovating through continuous R & D. Machines for providing anaesthesia have also undergone many changes over the years. Anaesthesia machine are now converted into complete Anaesthesia work station. Here are some important components that are present in our anaesthesia machines & work station:

Equipments for monitoring patient’s oxygen saturation level, ECG, heart rate and blood pressure. Our machine also has facility of monitoring body temperature and end-tidal carbon dioxide.

Manual ventilation bag is provided that can be combined with an Adjustable Pressure Limiting valve.

Rotameter (helps in monitoring flow of gases) helps in monitoring air, nitrous oxide and oxygen.

Monitors are provided which display the amount of gas given to the patient and the amount of gas exhaled by the patient.

Pressure gauges, pop-off valves, regulators etc. so that the right pressure of gases is maintained and the patient receives the right amounts of gases.

It is well understood by us that how important these anaesthesia machines are for surgeries. It is also very important that they are maintained and taken care of well. In case they get out of order, they should be handled by experts and specialists that we have. Our engineers are well qualified, duly certified and licensed such that they can handle any emergency in the best possible manner. To counter occurrence of any emergency we always attempt to ensure quality checks at regular interval.

Other than anaesthesia machine and work station we provide best quality of Ambubags, laryngoscope, first –aid kit, face mask, endotrachel tubes and emergency oxygen apparatus. We also have a wide range of Ventilators for various application such as intensive care unit, operation theatre & for ambulance purposes.